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Serge Filiatreault

Odyssée (1980)

for bass trombone and piano

This work begins slowly and expressively with a recitative-like introduction in the solo part. A rhythmically intricate marcato section follows, featuring frequent mixed meters and jazzy, syncopated rhythms in both parts. An extended trombone cadenza leads to a slow piano interlude, after which the piece returns to the opening material for its conclusion. The harmonic language consists of some traditional harmony, quartal harmony and bitonality.

As both a composer and bass trombonist, Serge Filiatreault has written an excellent, very idiomatically well-written work for his instrument. Suitable for senior, graduate or professional recitals, Odyssée features a variety of the bass trombone's distinctive characteristics within its short duration.

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*Annotation is from Dale Sorensen's DMA dissertation
Canadian solo trombone recital repertoire: An annotated bibliography
which can be found here.