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F. Jane Naylor

To Another Time (2005)

for flute and trombone

Programme note: To Another Time, written for eklektikos, is for flute and trombone. This combination was chosen because little repertoire exists for it, and also because I decided to dedicate the piece to my daughter and son-in-law, who play flute and trombone respectively, for their seventh Anniversary. The number 7 plays a significant role; for example, the piece is in 7 sections (A-B-C-D-C1-B1-A1), it starts in 7/8 time, and the first 7 measures generate the material for most of the piece. These measures include the use of a whole tone scale, and its augmented 4th intervals, which help unify the piece. The title refers to the changing time signatures and changing rhythms, but also represents a return journey from the frenetic present to a time long ago (the D section, which features the whisper mute for trombone, and optional flute harmonics). © F. Jane Naylor

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