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Serge Filiatreault

Nuages Verts (1984)

for 3 trombones

Programme note: Nuages Verts was composed in 1984 in South Africa and finished in Montréal during the Christmas Holidays! It is basically in A-B-A form, with atmospheric Adagio material framing a stormy Vivace. It is full of interesting rhythmic and melodic layers and contrasts; the harmonic material is based on a succession of intervals of a fourth. Nuages Verts rewards a trio's awareness of ensemble, intonation, and blend.

The composer believes strongly that behind every composition there is a story. In Nuages Verts, it describes a person lying on the grass on a beautiful summer afternoon. He then falls asleep, and in his dream he is lying in the same position. Gradually the clouds turn to a beautiful shade of green, and then all of a sudden he is caught in a violent storm of angry dark green clouds. He then wakes up (return of the intro theme) and wonders whether it was really a dream since he is completely drenched! © Serge Filiatreault

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