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Anthony Genge

Trio (1994)

for 3 trombones

Programme note: The Trio (1994) for three trombones is one of a set of four pieces (the others being: New Hockets (flute and piano/1985), New Hockets II (clarinet, marimba and piano/1995), and Preludium (5 trumpets/2001), all of which are based on material derived from a set of medieval motets found in the Bamberg Codex (ca. 1300), and which all explore the musical technique of hocket.

Hocket was a technique, commonly used in music of the Medieval period, which involved the dividing up of a single melodic line into 2 or more distinct parts, often in a short-long rhythmic pattern that was thought to resemble a hiccup (hocket is Latin for hiccup!). Although hocket as a musical device is associated with European music of the Middle Ages, it is also quite frequently found in the music of other cultures, most notably in Indonesian and African music. © Anthony Genge

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