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Three Renaissance Songs

transcribed for 3 trombones by Dale Sorensen

I. In the Merry Month of May (by Henry Youll)
II. La bella pargoletta (by Vincenzo Bell'haver)
III. Now is the Summer Springing (by John Hilton)

These delightful songs sound wonderful on brass instruments, and are great fun to read or perform. The 1st and 2nd trombone parts are more or less equal, and a fairly solid high register is required as both go up to high B-flat. Performers will find the contrapuntal lines rewarding but also challenging, rhythmically and mentally, especially when parts are imitated one beat after each other!

Instrumentation: various combinations of trombones, especially ATB (alto, tenor, bass), TTB, or TTT. Alternative parts for Horn in F are provided for the 1st and 2nd voices, and the 1st trombone part is provided in both alto and tenor clef.

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