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Jive Kings

The Jive Kings with Measha Brüggergosman (JK002)

Winner of the 2001 ECMA Award for "Best Jazz Album of the Year".

features Mike Ross (lead vocals), Barrie Sorensen (saxophones/flute), Dan Warren (trumpet), Bob Nicholson (trombone), Perry Williams (guitar), Deryl Gallant (bass), Alan Dowling (drums). With a guest appearance by the amazing Measha Brüggergosman singing "Blue Skies", Summertime", "Big Spender", "A-Tisket, A-Tasket" and "They Can't Take That Away from Me".

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Track Listing:

1. She Made Me Wanna Jive (music & lyrics: B. Sorensen)
2. You Stole My Heart From Me (music: B. Sorensen; lyrics: M. Ross)
3. Telephone Call From Istanbul (music & lyrics: Tom Waits)
4. Blue Skies (music & lyrics: Irving Berlin)
5. Summertime (Dubose Heyward & George Gershwin)
6. Mr. Magic (music & lyrics: M. Ross)
7. Maybe I'll Meet You (music: B. Sorensen; lyrics: M. Ross)
8. When I Close My Eyes (music & lyrics: P. Williams)
9. Big Spender (Dorothy Fields & Cy Coleman)
10. A-Tisket, A-Tasket (Ella Fitzgerald & Van Alexander)
11. They Can't Take That Away From Me (George & Ira Gershwin)
12. Tugboat (muisc & lyrics: M. Ross)
13. Nowhere Like This (music: B. Sorensen, M. Ross; lyrics: M. Ross)
14. Omegabop (music: B. Sorensen)

all tracks arranged by Barrie Sorensen except tracks 3, 6 & 12 arranged by Mike Ross, and track 8 arranged by Perry Williams.